Online Learning of Managing Money & Personal Finance for Women aged 55+ yrs
5:30 - 7:30 PM | 3 Days a Week | Over 2 Weeks

Higher Age, Higher Wealth or Combination of both
requires Higher Care too.

After all It's not only about the Wealth but also about the Happiness of the family that you have preserved over the years.

For Over 5 decades of your life, you have been brought up to believe that managing money is a part of the male domain, thereby depending on your father, brother, husdand and now at the old age, on your sons.

No more shaking hands while signing cheques, No more being taken for granted by your bankers or wealth advisors , No more keeping money in just FDs and seeing it losing value, No More worry about How to pass your wealth to Next generations…


6 Days Online Program

"Teaching you the essentials of managing personal finance in your day to day life & financial planning for your next generation."

No complexities, No Jargons and No Maths, You learn the essentials of managing money which is needed to make you truly financially confident.

FINtastic Gold Program Curriculum

Learn all this using Games, Movies, Case Studies and the Content Exclysively Curated for the Women of 55+ Yrs.

Get coached by the Faculty & Finance Experts with decades of Industry Experience.

6 Days at FINtastic Gold can bring you the most precious learning for you.

Convenient Online Classes

Mon - Wed - Fri | 3 Days a Week | 5:30 - 7:30 PM | Spread Over 2 Weeks

PROGRAM FEE : Rs 15000/-

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