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Raghuram Ranjan

Ex- Governor, Reserve Bank of India
Ex- Chief Economist & Director of Research at IMF

"Financial Education is so important for everyone that it shud be a part of the School Curriculum."


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  • *Program Exclusively Designed for Women of 30 to 50 Yrs
  • *Open to Home Maker, Working Women, Entrepreneurs - for all women

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  • *Program Exclusively Designed for Teenagers of 13 to 19 Yrs
  • *Open to Boys & Girls who want to learn life skills beyond text books

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  • Irrespective of age, gender & profession, one thing that we all need to know is Managing Money
  • No school, college or professional curriculum teaches you how to Save & Invest Wisely
  • You Spend 20 Yrs to be able to EARN. Spend just 15 Days to LEARN How to Manage Your Hard Earned Money.
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