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25 to 50 Yrs

Studies reveal that women are better at managing money. Then why hesitate to invest ?

Let's Make Money Simple
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9 to 12 Yrs

Warren Buffet made his first investment at 11. When are your children making their ?

Let's Make Money Fun
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13 to 19 Yrs

"Do you aspire to be rich ? Learn how to make your money work for you"

Get Your Financial Goals
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50+ Yrs

Planning for happy a life after retirement. Make sure you are financially ready.

Find Financial Happiness

Money & Life

From basic needs to the desires of luxury, you can reach your financial goals if you have enough Money,
& hence, Managing Money is the most essential life skill you need to have.

FINtastic is about making you financially confident irrespective of your age, gender & profession.

Here is why, you should join FINtastic, Now!

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Must Have Life Skill

A life skill which is a must for all & that defines the whole of your life & lifestyle is managing money.

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You Are Never Taught

No school or college ever teaches you the most important life skill of managing money.

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Perceived Complexities

Finance may be complex but learning about Money & Finance at FINtastic is Simple, Fun & Exciting.


Make Your Money Work

Make your money work for you & learn to invest for creating wealth which is there for generations.

What Makes FINtastic
Right For You

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Fintastic Experiences

A brief

About FINtastic

FINtastic is a Social Movement of Making Every Individual Financially Confident.

It's not just a 15 or 20 days program. It's a Life Long Learning. During your FINtastic Learning Program, you learn the concepts and practice in a Virtual Enviornment. What makes it even more unique is that learning doesnt stop there. You become a part of FINtastic Forum, where for the next 1 Year, Finance Coaches and Industry Experts handhold you executing what you have learnt, guide you making right money decisions and multiplying your financial confidence.


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